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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why Can't I Use the Rest Room in My Office?

In their infinite wisdom to show me respect, my place of business is now allowing me to use the executive washroom. This privilege is not without its problems. Last week when I woke up with a maddening case of diarrhea, I had to use the toilet, so I used the closest one... the one in my office which is intended for the lower people.

When I went in there, I locked the door and quickly relieved myself. It was fast but very painful. Coming out of there, I received a few stern looks. I thought it was because of the way I stunk up the place. No, I was told because of my high position, I have to use a higher rest room. Oh, they got angry with me.

The people I work with have the idea that I'm a spoiled brat. I complain about so many things. I can't understand, for example, why, if I have a private office with my name on the door, I share it with SIX secretaries!

Look, I wrote this 'blog anonymously because I can write things this way I couldn't say by naming names. I look forward to anyone's comments here. They will be moderated because I've had some bad stuff happen in the past. Please don't hesitate to write your comments. Any insightful, constructive comments are greatly appreciated here.

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