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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is That the Way People Really Act in Your Country?

As promised, here are some actual English language lessons, specially rewritten so the people from the country where I have been living for the past few years can relate to what's being taught. Most of the English teachers believe that the foreign language textbooks they get in this country don't give enough in-depth conversations. So they write their own lessons.

Lesson Three - - Mr. Fred has a New Job

Mr. Fred: Good morning, Mr. Jim.
Mr. Jim: Good morning, Mr. Fred. You are up early this morning.
Mr. Fred: Yes. I must give Fifi, my dog a walk.
Then I must go to the bathroom, defecate, and take a long hot shower, using much soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner. I will then shave the whiskers off my neck and face. 
Mr. Jim: It sounds as if you, at last have a job, at long last, Mr. Fred.
Mr. Fred: Yes, Mr. Jim. I am working as a grillman at Burger World.
Mr. Jim: I like to eat at Burger World. 
They have the cheapest double cheeseburgers for their size.
How much do they pay you?
Mr. Fred: I earn $9.20 an hour, plus free food. It means am letting Mrs. Fred sleep late.
But she must cook dinner for me.
Mr. Jim: She must. I agree. What work is she doing now?
Mr. Fred: She works at Mr. and Mrs. John's house. 
She cleans their house two days a week and then does yard work.
Mrs. Fred will be there until 5:00 this afternoon.
Mr. Jim: How much do they pay her?
Mr. Fred: $4.50 an hour. She works six days a week for them. 
When she cleans their attic, she can keep anything she wants.
Mr. Jim: How long do you work?
Mr. Fred: I work from 6:00 this morning until 12:00 noon.
Mr. Jim: That's nice. You can come home and take a nap and wait for Mrs. Fred to come home.
Mr. Fred: Yes. I like the way she cooks dinner for me.

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