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Friday, July 25, 2008

So What Happened to You Today?

  • I got hit by a motorcycle going down the wrong side of the street as I was watching for traffic coming from the other way.

  • I ordered vanilla ice cream and got orange sherbet.

  • A boy told me he could polish my shoes for the equivalent of US $.45. The complete shine came to the equivalent of US $4.50.

  • When I tell people they don't understand the local language, they repeat what they just said slower and slower.

  • I ate meat that came from small domesticated animals.

  • I had to stay off the sidewalk because the motorcycles were using it instead of the street.

  • The rest room in my office was made off limits. Because of my high rank, I have to use a rest room about 200 yards away. What if I get diarrhea?

  • The dentist couldn't pull my tooth out because she wasn't strong enough.

  • I noticed when i finished drinking a glass of water at work, they took the glass I just drank from and put it with the others, without washing it. What if I got sick?

  • I saw a car cut off an ambulance on the highway.
How did your day go?

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